My heart is soaked with such great joy,
Whene'er it meditates,
Upon the do'ngs of God Most High,
Before Whom angels wait.

From sin's wages, and its power,
My soul, He hath redeemed;
And ever since that gracious hour,
His child I have been deemed.

Abundant blessing He pours down,
Upon my lowly being;
Each need He meets from His godown,
Just like a generous King.

I cannot but lay down my life,
In utter gratitude,
And for His Name, henceforth arise,
In lifelong servitude.

My God and King, Father and Friend,
This life is Thine to lead;
Whate'er Thy wish, wheree'er Thou send,
Thy Voice alone 'twill heed.

Copyright (c) 2007-2026, Rosario (Ross) D'Souza. All Rights Reserved
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