This is a verse by verse study of Paul's first letter to Timothy.

Paul writes 1 Tim 1 to educate Timothy on how church leadership should deal with false teaching. A church leader must stop people from teaching false doctrines. This is the focus of the first chapter.

You can tell people to stop, but they most probably will ignore you. What do you then do? Men like to use brute force to get people to do things their way, but Paul tells Timothy to use prayer. Women like to use their beauty and charm, but Paul tells Timothy to encourage women to resort to good works instead of trying to teach men or charm men to do things their way. This is the focus of the second chapter.

It helps to get into church leadership so that you can control what doctrine is taught. For this reason, in the third chapter, Paul educates Timothy on selecting church leaders. He also points out the most important doctrine that must be kept uncontaminated.

In the fourth chapter, Paul points out that people will teach false things and you have to deal with that because it is unavoidable. You have to make sure that your teaching and behavior is par excellence.

In the fifth chapter, Paul explains how to confront different types of people who teach false doctrines, and especially how to deal with people who need the church’s support.

Finally, in the sixth chapter, realizing the truth of what Jesus said (that one cannot love both God and mammon), Paul points out that a church leader must have the proper attitude to money. This is because the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, including the evil of propagating false doctrine.

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