To The Maidens

O maidens of this town of dust,
Take heed to what I say;
Then smile, or laugh, if you must,
Or weep, if you may!

Long years have I sought a bride,
To share her life with me;
Long nights have I spent in thought,
‘Bout who the girl would be.

For Oh, I loved a winsome girl,
As charming as could be;
Alas, she never seemed to have,
A similar love for me!

Another time there was a gal,
Whose love was e’er so warm;
But I knew we couldn’t wed -
We sang a different song.

So now by oath, I firmly state:
“No more of this for me.”
A bachelor I always was,
And thus I’ll ever be!

Copyright (c) 2007-2026, Rosario (Ross) D'Souza. All Rights Reserved
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