Romance Refined

Romance is a moonlit night,
Shared in silent sitting,
By souls that sift through silver light,
While children are a-sleeping.

Romance is being wildly wet,
When walking hand in hand,
While drizzling drops decipher death,
On sultry shores of sand.

Romance is when eyes have met,
Quite seemingly perchance,
To exchange tender thoughts, and let,
The heart speak through a glance.

Romance is when pairs of lips,
Are often drawn to touch,
Amidst the daily swells and dips,
Of joys and trials and such.

Romance is the bubbling birth,
Of emotions that rise,
When you detect mystical mirth,
Arising from her eyes.

Romance is to place a note,
Upon her surprised palm,
To tell her that you think she has
Irresistible charm.

Romance is a gay bouquet,
Of flowers at her door,
Just to say you’d like to say,
You couldn’t love her more.

Romance is a sunset shared,
Between two hearts that know,
That silence is but words unsaid,
By hearts that are aglow.

Romance is the joy of knowing,
That she belongs to you,
And that a trial, a tryst or thing,
Can now be shared by two.

Copyright (c) 2007-2026, Rosario (Ross) D'Souza. All Rights Reserved
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