A Bachelor’s Reflections

Gee, marriage is a scary thing,
The very thought is frightening;

Two different souls made one for life,
Through thick and thin and joy and strife!

A fatal shot from Cupid’s bow,
And Oh, the pain, and Oh, the woe;

For sold am I, a slave to her,
So full of joy, and full of fear;

Emotions strong, like cords entwine,
This feeble soul’s defenseless mind;

I better see a doctor quick,
And tell him that I am lovesick;

For, years from now I’ll wonder why,
I wasn’t like the smarter guy,

Who understands the horrid harm,
That emanates from female charm;

Oh save me folks, and save me quick,
Give me the key, tell me the trick;

For fish on hook has better hope,
Than any of these married folk;

The only good things that I see,
Is that my girl also loves me;

Despite the fears that I feel,
We may just keep an even kneel;

And there is one thing that I know -
This crazy stunt’s been done before;

And what the heck, it just might work,
By some unseen, fortunate quirk.

And if it does, how thrilled I’ll be -
The kings and queens will envy me;

For more than gold and precious stone,
A happy marriage stands alone;

So throwing caution to the wind,
I’ll play my hand, and hope to win;

And may her dreams, and mine, come true,
A bliss of heaven shared by two;

Her life and mine in duet song,
Echoing as we walk along;

For all to hear, and some to learn -
The song of two whose hearts are one!

Copyright (c) 2007-2026, Rosario (Ross) D'Souza. All Rights Reserved
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