What a Woman

Her beauty lay, not in her face,
Nor in her silk, and satin lace,
But in the depths, of divine glow,
From where her springs, of goodness flow.

Her eyes were kind, as if they knew,
Each searing pain, I had been through;
Her voice was gentle, as she spoke,
Words to kindle, faith and hope.

Her hands worked hard, throughout the day,
To help her dear ones, on their way;
And children loved, the things she taught,
And thanked her for, the gifts she bought.

She was a friend, to those in need,
A comfort both, in word and deed;
And life was good, with her around -
When she was near, we never frowned.

She never sought, to point our flaws,
When we had dis-obeyed her laws,
But by her kindness, she would seek,
To teach us how, each law to keep.

And after she, would leave the room,
The fragrance of, that flower in bloom,
Would stay with us, to compliment,
Her light that shone - so radiant!

Now when she goes, to life above,
I know we’ll miss, her tender love;
But by her life, we’ve come to know,
How, for mankind, our love to show.

This poem is dedicated to Barbara Wright, who lived in Atlanta, GA during 1990-1992.

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