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Let’s focus on sound doctrine about God

You can have doctrines on any subject. For example, you could believe that green aliens reside on Mars. This would be your doctrine on extraterrestrial life. It is a doctrine because it is a belief that you have that you cannot prove. If this belief of yours were at some point proved to be true then your doctrine would be sound doctrine on extraterrestrial life.

Just as we can have a doctrine on extraterrestrial life so also we can have a doctrine on the subject of God. If our beliefs about God are true then we can say that we have sound doctrine with respect to God.

In this book we will limit our scope to doctrines on the subject of God. Therefore, from now on when we use the word doctrine we will be referring to doctrine regarding God.

The people of the world are fascinated by the celebrities: actors, sportsmen, politicians and businessmen. They want to know details about their public and private life, their likes and dislikes, and where and how they spend their time. And who can blame them? After all, they are the people of the world.

The people of God have the same kind of fascination about God – the celebrity of all celebrities. We want to know how God thinks, what God did, what God does, what God will do, how God behaves, what makes Him happy, what makes Him sad, what makes Him angry, what disturbs Him, what doesn’t disturb Him, and so on.

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