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Life is not always optimal

There is no place like home. For most of us, from the time we were little, to the time we left home, our parents looked after our needs, and did that in a very timely manner. In as much as they could afford it, when we were hungry, they gave us to eat; when we were thirsty, they gave us to drink; and they clothed us as best they could, and put a roof over our heads. If and when the dad wanted the child to rough it out the mom would stand up like an angry bear, in full maternal instinct mode, and say, "None of that for my child."

Their intentions were good, but unfortunately, such things don’t really prepare us for the real world. Such excellent service can and does mislead us into thinking that we were born to be served. After years of such service we can get this crazy notion that all we need to do is to make our need known, and presto, someone will miraculously appear to take care of our need.

Those of us who have had parents like that have to learn that we are not in this world to be served but to serve. To help us to learn, God takes us through His university, where He allows us to come across other selfish people. He lets us repeatedly endure situations where our needs and desires are ignored. He allows us to do a whole bunch of useless stuff for many, many years. We suffer and suffer until we realize that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Often, this lesson lasts a lifetime!

Consider Moses, who grew up in Pharoah’s palace. He was used to being served. He had to be sent far away, where he had to work for his father-in-law for many years doing mediocre work like tending sheep (tasks which were usually allotted to young children). He learnt humility there, don’t you think? Would you be willing to live and work for your father-in-law for all that time? Why did God not deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians right away? Why take Moses away for so long?

Consider David, who after being anointed with the Holy Spirit, had to flee for his life for many years while Saul persecuted him. In was in those years that he got an education in spiritual things. Now why didn’t God just kill Saul and make David king without having David run around in the wilderness and endure such hardship for so long? Wasn’t it a waste of time?

What you should get from all these observations is that if you want God to use you then you must be prepared to humbly endure in the situation He puts you through. In college, you might find yourself in classes unrelated to your major, doing ‘useless’ stuff. Or you might be in a job that you don’t find good enough for you. If you are in such a situation, don’t grumble and complain. Rather, try to discern what God is trying to teach you, and learn the lesson quickly.

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