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Repent and make restitution

The rarest antidote is

Suppose you have a small supply of this antidote. You are the only one who has it.

Suppose you have a friend who enjoys playing with ?? just for the fun of it. He knows the danger but that doesn’t stop him. He will play for the pleasure it gives him and if he dies because of a bite and a lack of vaccine then so be it – as far as he is concerned.

One day he gets bitten and is on his deathbed. Now he comes to you for the vaccine. You ask him if he will stop playing with ?? if you give him the vaccine and he recovers. He says, "Never."

Will you give him the vaccine?

Don’t walk through life with a heavy burden on your back. Take that burden off by making restitution.

Repentance is a desire to stop sinning.

Repentance is not something that you do once, but it is something that you do continually, until you die.

You must repent of every sin, not just one, or a few.

Not matter what others may tell you, you cannot be saved without being in a state of repentance.

When you sin, you cannot merely say that you are sorry or feel sorry, and ask for forgiveness. You must actively and sincerely want to stop doing that sin anymore.

If your sin involves causing someone hurt or damage then you must make restitution. That is, you must restore what you damaged or destroyed, or apologize for the hurt that you caused. If you can’t do this for practical reasons (like if the person is no longer alive, or you don’t know how to contact the person then you can’t apologize to him) then you must ask the Holy Spirit to guide you regarding what to do. If He says that you don’t need to do anything then you don’t need to do anything.

See the example of Zacchaeus

God is very exact in meting out punishment. Example of the Israelites being in Babylon for exactly 70 years.

God will withhold blessing from you if you don’t make restitution. Many people try to be successful and fail for this reason.

My example of stealing books from the library.

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