God wants you to be a man / woman of God

In Noah’s time, the most important project was building the ark. It was the most important project because soon nothing else would matter. It was the most important project because God was involved in it.

In Noah’s time, if you were involved in building the ark then you were doing something useful. Otherwise, whatever you were doing was just a waste of time – a total waste of time.

What is the most important project today? It is building the church. Soon, another ‘flood’ is going to come and wash everything else away! God is building the church, and that is why it is the most important project today.

Just like in Noah’s time, if you are not actively involved, or training under God to be involved, in building the church today, you are just wasting your time.

What does it mean to build the church? In building the church, God is in the process of taking ordinary men and women and making them men and women of God.

God is interested in you. He is intensely interested in making you a man / woman of God.

The question is: are you intensely interested in becoming a man / woman of God?

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