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What should our reaction to the kingdom be?

Are you in the kingdom of heaven? If not, then that is the first thing that you need to make happen. This is because if you are not in the kingdom of heaven then nothing else matters because you are going to lose everything.

Are you excited that you are in a kingdom that cannot be shaken? If not, then mediate on this fact, and let it excite you! Let it color every day of your life and bring enthusiasm that will help you to endure the trials that you will face as you live faithfully for the kingdom.

Do you hunger and thirst for greatness in the kingdom of heaven? There is no reason why you shouldn’t. There is no reason why you shouldn’t clearly understand what it takes to be great in the kingdom of heaven and then pursue that greatness. But let your quest for greatness be tempered by your understanding that only God is truly great and that your lifelong goal should be to glorify His name, not yours.

Finally, master the rules of the kingdom, and live by them. If you mess up, repent and rise again. Let nothing keep you down. Keep your focus on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of your faith.

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